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Introducing Client By Design’s “Guerrilla Marketing Success Coaching” Program:

  • Guerrilla Marketing Coach - Richard BaileyDo you need a push to get moving in the right direction?
  • Do you want to discover, master and develop your unique business focus, marketing knowledge, performance and strengths?
  • Are you interested in taking your business Marketing skills to the next level in the shortest amount of time?
  • Would you like to work with a proven methodology that has boosted the profits of companies and organizations the likes of:
    • PBS
    • Hyatt Corporation
    • Encyclopedia Britannica
    • Pacific Bell
    • Bank of America
    • Old Spice
    • Westin Hotels
    • Sears
    • Holiday Inn
    • Montgomery Ward
    • Mercedes-Benz
    • Volvo
    • Club Med America Online
    • Netscape
    • Microsoft
    • United Airlines
    • Adobe
    • Apple
    • VisaWells Fargo
    • The Sharper Image
    • American Express
    • Peterbilt Motors
    • Hewlett-Packard
    • Honda
    • Nissan Quaker Oats
    • Nestle
    • Midas muffler
    • Pepsi-Cola
    • Charles Schwab & Company
    • B.F. Goodrich
    • Bell South
    • AT&T
    • Arby’s Roast Beef
    • Rolling Stone
    • Hewlett-Packard
    • Pillsbury
    • Chrysler Corporation

Guerrilla Marketing is a proven system created by best selling author Jay Conrad Levinson. With over 14 million books sold in over 39 languages, Jay has helped many businesses boost their profits and effectiveness.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then allow Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Richard Bailey to work with you one-on-one, person to person to build your business like a pro.

According to Microsoft’s bCentral

“A business coach could make you an all-star” – Read Article

Coach Bailey will help you create your own road map to success:
We will work together to:
1. Figure out “who wants to buy from you” and how to sell to them
2. Build a powerful seven step guerrilla Marketing Plan.
3. Build a guerrilla Marketing Calendar
4. Learn To Identify and Deploy one hundred powerful 21st Century Marketing Weapons
5. Overcome procrastination and other business/life defeating pitfalls
6. Get your competiton to make sales for you (Just one aspect of Fusion Marketing)
7. Market like a guerrilla Through Building Relationships online and offline
8. Get powerful Publicity and PR without spending millions
9. Lower Your Advertising Costs While Boosting Your Return On Investment (ROI)
10. Much more…

Here is what Mitch Meyerson has to say about Richard:

“Richard Bailey is a superb Guerrilla Marketing Coach. He is a wealth of resources online and off. If you are considering a coach I am sure you will get more than your money’s worth!” Mitch Meyerson, President Guerrilla Marketing Coach –

Mitch Myerson is Founder and Creator of The Guerrilla Marketing Coach Certification Program, author of six personal development books and audios including Six Keys To Creating The Life You Desire, When Is Enough Enough? When Parents Love Too Much and Designing The Life Of Your Dreams. His books appear in over 21 languages and he has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. His latest book is Titled: Online Marketing Superstars: Inside Secrets of The Most Successful eMarketers of Our Time.

Want to become a new, more confident and convinced person with greater Marketing knowledge in just a few short weeks?

Then contact Richard to schedule a free introductory consultation.

Need more convincing? See what other Marketing clients have to say:

Ernie Reyes Jr.

“I have been involved in the entertainment business and martial arts industry for 25 years. I have worked with many great professionals. Mr. Richard Bailey and Client By Design’s Martial Launch! Services consultation has provided me with a tremendously fresh new perspective on how to take my professional career to the next level. Thank you, Mr. Bailey!”
Producer, Actor, Martial Artist, Stunt Coordinator and Coach/Trainer, Ernie Reyes Jr.
(The Rundown, The Last Dragon, The Red Canvas, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

Larry Attile – Tai-Chi Instructor, Feldenkrais Health Practitioner and Actor

“Working with Richard Bailey (Martial Launch! creator and marketing coach) has been invaluable to me. In just three months the payoff has been incredible both personally and financially. In our weekly get-togethers, Richard was always quick to point out the deficiencies in my thinking about the business. I had to address my weaknesses and do something about it. Making these changes in my mind-set has helped me in dealing with my clients and also with my overall presentation. With Richard’s help I have been able to make my Martial Arts-Healing business much more productive.”

Sifu Larry Attile
Tai-Chi Kung, Feldenkrais Practitioner


Krav Maga Worldwide, Inc.

“We received service and quality of delivery beyond expectations when we worked with Richard Bailey on an hour long  teleconference.  Richard’s presentation and clarifications were user friendly when translating “tech language.”  He over delivered concise tools to drive new business to our website making our time with him even more valuable than anticipated. ”

Jeanine J. Jackson
Licensing Director
Krav Maga Worldwide, Inc.


(See CIO Magazine article on the possible benefits of coaching: Coach Works)
Richard Bailey is a New York based certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and Consultant.