Google Places Optimization

Local Search Results from Google Places, Bing Business Portal and More.

Local search engine marketing has changed in recent years. It is no longer adequate to rank highly in the search engines when it comes to local searches. People are using smart phones as they walk or drive to locate goods and services right where they are, and it is more important than ever to utilize a local search engine service offered by Google. This service is called Google Places.

We all know that Google search results are important, but did you ever consider how important Google Places results could be for local foot traffic marketing? Google Places displays the local search results for a geographical area near the searcher. These people are ready to buy your product or service and searching for a place near them to find it, and they are practically right around the corner.

Having a great listing in Google Places is critical for the local search market, and even more so for mobile search from smart phones. Research has shown that being ranked high in Google Places is the best way to reach local searchers who are using their phones, and often it is the only method that will show results on mobile formatted search pages.

Client by Design has been helping small business clients just like you find their way to the top of the Google Places results since the service began. With the knowledge and experience to handle every step of the process – from creating a listing to fine tuning or even creating a website – CBD offers a great return on Google Places consulting services.

Google Places is based on strict rules of operation and they severely penalize listings that do not conform to their guidelines. These guidelines are available for review online, but nothing beats experience in setting up results that count. Can you afford to take a chance with your business getting blackballed by Google Places or Google itself because you wanted to try to go it alone? Of course not.

Give us a call at Client by Design to learn what we can do to help you start reaping the rewards of local search results before your competition does. People are searching for your products or services now, and CBD can help you get your business to the top of the list. Imagine your bottom line when the traffic starts rolling through the doors and sales begin to increase dramatically.