About Us

Client by Design was founded with a simple mission…

To keep our clients connected to their clients/customers by establishing a value-added services and solutions consulting team specializing in:

  • Online and offline marketing
  • Web site visitor to customer conversions
  • Method based web design
  • Strategic-relationship development
  • Local Search Marketing
  • Media and Public Relations
  • More…

Founded by guerrilla marketing coach, author and consultant Richard D. Bailey in 2002, Client by Design (CBD) has become a trusted provider of tools, communication resources, online and offline marketing services, and technology solutions to a variety of business organizations. Credited for assisting many organizations in surviving through tough economic times, Client by Design specializes in technology and strategic-relationship development, online and local search marketing, media and public relations and other Internet based disciplines.

We develop “methods and technology to attract customers” using Richard Bailey’s ideas, innovations and experience combined with that of his technical and marketing advisory panel.

We can help you become recognized and respected in your local area or help you create a global presence on the Internet.

Small to large business organizations throughout the Internet rely on Client by Design as a source of know-how related to tactical marketing.

We help you accomplish your goals by harnessing existing marketing, conversion rate, design, public relations, media strategies and technologies. When required, we also invent new tools, technologies and methods to meet your needs.

No matter the size of your organization (big or small) or where your customers/clients are located, we can provide solutions for you. Finally, you can afford your own: Consulting, Marketing, Internet Public Relations and Development team.