Build Your Presence

Having a professional web presence will create a lasting impression for clients new and old. Build your online presence with professional web design solutions, website development services, and website promotions including targeted press releases and efficient news media relations that make your products or services stand out from the crowd.

Promote Your Presence

Getting your message in front of potential clients is the key to expanding your online market share. We can optimize your website for top search engine placement using the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and put you in direct contact with your target audience with expert search engine marketing.

Communicate With Leads and Customers

Finding new prospects is only the first step in the sales process. In order to convert sales you have to communicate with your leads and clients by using the latest techniques and all of the popular technologies, including mobile messaging, online and offline contact management, newsletters, custom applications, and more.

Develop Your Brand

Brand development is what will bring your business to the next level. By synchronizing all of your marketing media, including print, brochures, logo development, online marketing activities, and even your website style and layout, we can help you promote your unique brand and all that it offers to your clients.

Increase Sales

Increasing sales from existing clients and developing sales from potential clients takes a lot of effort, and there are techniques that we can help you develop to capitalize on current trends and technologies. We offer a variety of coaching and consulting services that let you leverage your specific customer values.

Increase Local Foot Traffic and Leads

Developing a strong local presence by utilizing local search engine marketing can make a huge difference in the daily foot traffic for storefront businesses. Utilizing a winning combination of traditional and guerilla marketing strategies, we will help you drive larger numbers of customers to both your physical and online locations.

Web Site Marketing:

Business Professionals become empowered when they use our services. Through integrated training, coaching and planning:

  • We will help you generate referrals and establish cross-referral systems with other industry partners and influencers.
  • Provide follow-up marketing and communications techniques and technologies to reach and stay in-touch with individual customers.
  • Help create customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Assist you with effective use of print, online, radio, tv and other advertising mediums.
  • Build your image and facilitate a successful public relations strategy
  • Build a presence online and offline

Local Search Marketing:

Today’s Consumers search for goods and services using a variety of Internet enabled tools and means; Search engines, GPS systems, Smart phones and online directories are just some of their favorite ways to “look things up” and We’ve got them all covered.

Through our local search marketing system and by leveraging our Local Channel Partner relationships (with some of the largest, online local search engine content managers serving businesses, local search engines and ready-to-buy consumers) we have the ability to position any small, national retail or franchise business in front of those looking for services in their immediate or local areas. Whether one location or thousands we can help you increase your web footprint, leading to increased in-house foot-traffic and sales.

Martial Arts Marketing

Client by Design serves the martial arts industry (schools, suppliers, motion picture, other service businesses) with a variety of services from Internet Marketing to public and media relations through its suite of Martial Launch! Services devoted to martial arts marketing. We help to develop community safety programs, strategic alliances, marketing plans, ecommerce systems and local search placement to build and promote your business.

Other Practitioners:

We can help you build your list of clientele using our network of resources and a variety of marketing tools and methodologies including the press release and social networking platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). This means more clients for your law, architectural or consulting practice if you utilize our services.

Client-Connect (Lead/Prospect Generation):

Before you can convert leads (people seeking your products or services) into clients or customers, you first need to locate and take advantage of existing and new lead sources. We will help you locate untapped sources of revenue-generating prospects who need the products or services you provide. These sources are actual people who demand your services and are looking for you right now. Contact us to learn how.

Technology Solutions To Build Customer Relationships:

By using our own resources and connections with technology partners, Client By Design has the means to build, support and market the web segment of your business from start to finish. Whether you need:

  • Domain Registrations
  • Web Hosting or
  • Whois Directory Listings or
  • Custom Application Development

We can provide these essentials for you. Contact us to learn how.