Online Publicity

Looking to get interviewed on TV, Radio or in Local or Major Print Publications?

Online publicity and public relations are two of the most important factors that a professional can control when competing in the global marketplace. Don’t leave your online branding and image to chance. Take control of your future with a little help from the professionals at Client by Design, where we have been helping people just like you to achieve their dreams and establish a stronger presence for years.

Client by Design works with talented individuals from a variety of fields, including authors, speakers, entertainers, and actors who are trying to expand their audience or establish themselves as leaders in their chosen field. We help companies navigate the online marketing and public relations channels and we leverage our resources for worthy causes in need of a little boost.

We create marketing campaigns and launch online media campaigns to promote existing work and we develop unique image branding that sets our clients apart from the competition. Our promotions often result in our clients being interviewed by major media outlets including newspapers, radio, and television, and our online marketing creates a natural search engine buzz that continues to grow .

At Client by Design, our team utilizes traditional and cutting-edge techniques to put our clients in front of the people who make decisions and control the resources. We create social media campaigns and press releases to announce new talent, or to promote new works from seasoned veterans. Our goal is to help you meet your needs and to develop opportunities for your ongoing professional growth and to help you maintain a positive reputation.

Our process begins with a personalized assessment which often includes an interview, where we learn your business strengths and weaknesses and begin to develop a plan of action. We then develop a full range of promotional branding materials, including a portfolio of photos and videos, images, and other basic marketing material to be used in the campaign. We add to this a variety of customized press releases, announcements, reviews, and endorsements that bolster your current image and cultivate a desire to learn more.

At Client by Design, we help professionals, companies, and causes get noticed in a positive way both online and off. We have a large database of media and press contacts that we can leverage to your advantage, and several years of experience helping others just like you. Give us a call today to find out how much we can do to help you get the most out of your career, grow your company, or just get the word out. You’ll be glad you did.

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