Local Search Marketing for Small Business (Westchester)

SEO Visibility, Promotion, Local Search Marketing For Your Programs, Products, Services with Launch Assist!

Here’s how to raise revenue and drive margins through the roof!

A web site is not enough. Local Westchester Consumers need to see your business or brand whenever they search for products or services they need. With the right combination of marketing services and practical know-how, you can let local, national or global consumers know who you are and what you offer.




Would you be willing to spend $249/month to get a return worth 10 to 100 times that much (each month) in additional registrations, product sales, appointments, etc to add to your bottom-line? It might not happen overnight but we’re willing to help you get started right away!

Our Promise: You will begin to see a dramatic difference in visibility in 30 Days or less!

For an investment of only $100 one-time setup and with services starting at $249/Month* as ongoing maintenance you can get a customized WEB Marketing Management PLUS Local SEO (search engine optimization) package now enhanced with Launch Assist that will market and promote your business on the internet.

We will help you:

  • Define your unique audience (buyers, members, potential students).
  • Locate people looking for your services (or better yet, help them locate you).
  • Target your marketing efforts for maximum impact and reduced spending.
  • Position yourself as a trusted product or service provider in your field (contractor services, car repair, retailer, specialty store, consulting services, martial arts, fitness training, medical practitioner, etc.) through potential media relations.
  • Launch a mobile marketing campaign to enhance your print and offline marketing/advertising.

By having a pin-point laser focus on the people who are looking for your products or services, you will get an increase in site traffic and lead opportunities that will increase sales and awareness of your internet site or business.

It takes more than just Search Engine Marketing and Optimization to move your business to the top!

Marketing your site on the web is much more than just cloning your site and submitting to a few or even thousands of search engines and directories and then hoping for the best. It’s a combination of search engine optimization, partnership building (fusion Marketing and strategic alliances), advertising, lead conversion and sometimes building awareness through offline marketing as well. You must establish a strong web presence and then go beyond.

All Inclusive at no extra cost:

When you become a client, we work on your behalf to provide:

A real Internet Road-Map document created by Richard Bailey and his Marketing advisors that will give you a step by step guide to Marketing your online business. AND…

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics: We will advise you on using unconventional proven-methods and tactics to help you generate sales and sign-ups.

Continual Competitive SEO Analysis: By knowing who your competition is and how they successfully market their site, you can avoid reinventing the wheel by duplicating their techniques to avoid making major and costly mistakes.

Advantage Keyword and trends Analysis: When you’re selling a product or service on the internet you need to know how people will find you. We will continually monitor your site, news, current events, marketing trends and the top internet search engines to determine the best keywords and phrases (what people are searching for) to get you the best search engine positions available.

Top listings on Search Engines that count: With all the competition, top search engine rankings alone can cost you over $700 to $1200/Month or more and in some cases you’ll never get a single site visit. We’ll get you listed on Google, BING, Yahoo! and more and the connected networks that these systems influence. Though your site will usually be listed in the top 10. We will work to get you as many top three to five listings as possible for important strategic keywords. This will increase your visits and help you generate revenue for your site, by using our professional search engine optimization services.

Optional National and Local Media and Public Relations*: Our clients have been featured on Radio, Television and Newspapers. This media exposure helps to get your message out and tells everyone that you’re business is real and ready to make an impact. Just tell us what you want to promote or we’ll work with you to develop a message then pinpoint the right media journalists to build relationships with.

Mobile Marketing: We now include the power of text message marketing to your marketing arsenal. Leads and prospects can opt-in to your contact list and special offers via text messaging. Place special instructions in your print ads and increase your response rates. For example: “Text ENROLL to 99999 to take a trial class!” or “Text Promo to 99999 to get special VIP offers”

We’ll get you listed and we’ll make sure you get targeted visits, but we won’t stop there…

You see, advertising and marketing is an exhausting numbers game that’s all about creating awareness; the more potential visitors that visit your site is the more potential sales or contacts you can make. That’s why we are offering you this tested revenue generating, time and cost saving package that also includes:

15 Complimentary Minutes of Phone Consultation per month: Speak to Internet Marketing Consultant and Author, Richard Bailey–live. No one else is doing this; Companies prefer to settle, instead, for email contact only. We love the fact that the internet makes things easier through automation, but we also believe in the human element. Ask your questions and get real answers.

We Know What Works!

Strategic Ad Placement: With all the advertising options on the web, and with so many claiming to be the ultimate advertising medium, you need someone to help you find what’s right for you. We constantly seek out advertising that works (banner ads, newsletter ads, print magazine, email ads, social networking sites, mobile marketing, etc) and make them available to you at zero to low cost. We give you a localĀ  (hundreds to thousands of potential customers) or enormous national/global reach (thousands to millions) of potential customers with strategic ad placement in our COOP ad network. You will be able to advertise to mass internet audiences the way Fortune 500 companies do.

Contact us today with any questions and we’ll start you on your way

Or call 914-206-9625 to get started right-away!


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