Medical and Dental Professional Practice Building With Call Tracker ROI

Call Tracker ROI (CallTrackerROI) For Medical and Dental Practices

A New Client Is Worth $1,000 in the First Year Alone. Did you know the Average Office lets 40-50 Potential New Patient Calls go to voicemail or get a busy signal every month? Did you know that on average, the Staff Members Only Schedule 34% of the New Client Opportunity Calls they did answer? YOU’RE LOSING TENS OF THOUSANDS Of DOLLARS EVERY MONTH & DON’T EVEN KNOW IT! That’s one of the biggest benefits of our service. We Guarantee you’ll decrease your Unanswered Calls and Increase Your New Patient Numbers without having to invest a ton of money into new marketing mediums.

Here’s how:

  • Patent Pending Software Sends You A Text Alert within 10 seconds of a call going to Voicemail, Being Busy or going Unanswered. In the text you’ll have the Name of the Potential New Patient, the Number they are calling from as well as the Ad source to which they are calling from. Now you have a chance in REAL TIME to call them back and recapture that lost new patient.
  • We take Secret Shopper to a Whole Other Level. We’ll let you know how Each Staff Member converts their New Patient Opportunities. Not by analyzing 1 or 2 calls like the “Others” do, we analyze every new potential new patient call they received and give you the score on how they did overall. What information would be more valuable for you: “Jenny is very polite and courteous on the telephone, you can hear her smile. We give her 5 stars.” OR “For The Last 3 Months Jenny has Only converted 24% of her New Patient Opportunity Calls, She has failed to give her name to the potential new patient in 70% of those cases”.
  • We Have Live Humans Answering EVERY Potential New Patient Call That Comes In From Your Marketing Sources. Every other Tracking service out there has Machines that attempt to Listen to your calls but they give you faulty and incomplete data.
  • If They Don’t Schedule The Phone Call, We Give You The Reasons Why! How Else Can They Be Trained & Get Feedback To Improve?
  • We Use Dynamic Number Insertion Technology To Track On Line Ads like No One Else Can.
  • We Calculate The Marketing Expense ROI For You So You’ll Know Without A Doubt, What’s Working & What’s Not Working For What You Need Today!

Dr. Stephen M.

“I was afraid I was going to lose my practice before I could sell it and I wasn’t sure if Call Tracker ROI could help. Over the last year I’ve been with them we’ve dramatically increased our new patient count and office revenue and I just sold my practice for a profit. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Dr. Thomas G.

“I never realized that after 25 years in practice I could find a way to increase my New Patients numbers.  The Call Tracker ROI System inspired my staff and increased my new patients by 400%. Clear evidence that their system works.”

Dr. Tor I

“My main competition down the street started growing and expanding and I always wondered why.  Once I found out that they were using Call Tracker ROI Service I knew I had to have it so I didn’t get left behind.  Since then, its lived up to its reputation and now my office is finally growing by leaps and bounds.”

New Patient On Site Trainings & Solutions To Staff Problems

  • Staff Telephone Training:  We Come To You with a Customized Training Program to Fit Your Unique Challenges
  • The Hiring Solution(TM): We Show You How to Find and Hire Superstar Employees
  • The Incentive Maximizer(TM): We’ll Show You Incentive and Bonus Plans for Each Position In Your Office That Work and Motivate Your Team To Get More New Patients/Clients
  • Productivity & Efficiency Training using the KOLBE concept


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