Local Display Advertising

Imagine If…

there were a way to reach local shoppers and prospects with your product or service right when they’re visiting targeted sites specifically related to your offering.

Now imagine if you could target buyers based on their likes and dislikes  and get their attention while their interest is peaked.

Local Display Advertising From Client By Design

Local Display Advertising From Client By Design

You could show targeted advertising to people who are looking to purchase or just purchased a car, or show targeted ads to someone who just purchased a home and are now looking to decorate or renovate their home.

You could target buyers in a specific zip code to announce your new restaurant grand opening right when they’re visiting the neighborhood or events section of their favorite news site.

Or promote your local sporting goods business to readers in your area while they’re visiting major sports news sites like ESPN.

YOU CAN DO THIS through our local display advertising and marketing program that builds your brand and influences customers.


Just think of us as digital local display ad media brokers with truly affordable prices.

[toggle title=”We can place your local ads on major high traffic media sites like these (click the plus sign):”] about.com accuweather.com adobe.com aetv.com altavista.com amazon.com amctv.com americangreetings.com ancestry.com answers.com aol.com ap.org apple.com appleinsider.com ask.com att.com barnesandnoble.com bbc.co.uk bestbuy.com bigthink.com bing.com biography.com bizrate.com bloomberg.com bookrags.com bravotv.com businessinsider.com businessweek.com cartoonnetwork.com cbs.com cbslocal.com cbsnews.com cbssports.com circuitcity.com classmates.com cnbc.com cnet.com cnn.com coupons.com csmonitor.com dictionary.com dilbert.com drudgereport.com dummies.com ebay.com eharmony.com eonline.com esquire.com excite.com facebook.com fandango.com geek.com glam.com go.com huffingtonpost.com hulu.com ign.com imdb.com legacy.com lifehacker.com linkedin.com livejournal.com livestrong.com local.com lycos.com macrumors.com mail.live.com marthastewart.com mashable.com match.com maxim.com mensfitness.com merriam-webster.com mlb.com msn.com msnbc.com mtv.com myspace.com nationalgeographic.com nba.com nfl.com nick.com politico.com rachaelraymag.com radio.com realclearpolitics.com reference.com rottentomatoes.com salary.com salon.com scribd.com seventeen.com shoplocal.com shopping.com slashdot.org slate.com sparknotes.com stumbleupon.com talkingpointsmemo.com technologyreview.com technorati.com theoatmeal.com thesaurus.com time.com topix.com travelocity.com tumblr.com tvguide.com twitter.com usnews.com vimeo.com weatherbug.com webmail.com wikia.com wikipedia.org woot.com wunderground.com yahoo.com youtube.com [/toggle]

Who can use local display advertising?

This ad delivery technology is used by small business advertisers, agencies and publishers giving them the ability to scale their display ad impressions and reach out to a mass or very localized audience. Local dentists, doctors, car dealers, restaurants, retail stores, service businesses, entertainment destinations, universities, city and county agencies, etc. are just some of the business/organizations that love display advertising.

How many businesses use this technology?

Over 10,000+ advertisers effectively run their ad campaigns on this very affordable and proven ad network.

What sort of ad campaigns is this for?

Organizations running micro-targeted ad campaigns with monthly budgets of $25K or less can best benefit from this system. Examples include: local business ad campaigns, re-targeted campaigns, limited or seasonal promotions, etc.

What does this cost?

We have packages starting at around $1200/Month for 100,000 ad impressions including ad design, campaign optimization and consulting.

Can you repeat that?

Sure… For often less than the cost of a single hit or miss print ad in your local weekly circular we can give you 100,000 or more ad views to drive traffic to your business. We also include free ad consultation, campaign management and design in all packages. Your ads will be shown on major high traffic sites when local readers (near your business) are browsing for shopping ideas, researching products and services they want and thinking about their favorite pastimes. Your ads will even remind prospects from time to time (re-targeting) of your brand to keep your brand on their minds.

Can you give me an example of how local online display ads can help a local business?

Ok. Let’s say that a car dealer wanted to move some end of year inventory. They would simply create a campaign through us and then target car buyers within certain demographic parameters (their likes, regional location, income, etc). We would then create their online ad (animated or static) and then deploy the campaign to drive customers to that car dealer.

Or maybe a pet shop, indoor or outdoor mall, doctor, dentist or restaurant wants to announce a grand opening or special event. They can use online ads to do this with ease, by putting their brand in the face of local buyers, shoppers, prospects and enthusiasts on the web 24/7 on both mobile and desktop devices.

A contracting and roofing company can launch a “winterize your home” campaign for homeowners to see right before or when temperatures start to drop.

These are just examples. We can help you put together the right campaign for your business.

How can I get started?

Just Contact us for more info.