WEB-Marketing Management PLUS

Modern Internet Marketing Services

There’s more to web site marketing than just building a great site and hoping that the search engines will pick up on it. To succeed in the modern marketplace, a sustained effort must be focused on the prime traffic brokers and the places where people search for your products or services. By utilizing proven methods of search engine optimization, social media promotion, and targeted online advertising, Client by Design can improve web site traffic and retention for your site, resulting in more traffic and higher conversion rates.

With an integrated approach to search engine marketing a web site can rise to the top of the search results on the major engines such as Bing and Google, gaining visibility and traffic that leads to brand recognition and sales. This involves developing targeted keywords, optimizing SEO integration, and creating specialized online advertising campaigns that take advantage of dynamic web site content and current consumer trends.

The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to allow people who are looking for your product or service to easily locate your web site and to be compelled to visit the site and ultimately take action.

The ability to target a particular niche with creative marketing approaches is referred to as affinity marketing, but we like to think of it as a smart way to advertise. At Client by Design, we approach the market from a number of angles and create a demand for your products on many levels.

Brick and Mortar – Local Search Marketing

By leveraging our own local search marketing tools and resources: (SwiftLocal™ seo, social media, strategic relationships), we can drive foot traffic to your door and promote location-specific events and offers. We help locate customers that are just around the corner and looking for your products or services, and we help them find timely information that leads to sales. At the same time, we utilize the latest techniques in soft marketing in social media sites such as Facebook to connect a friendly face with your name. We also provide a variety of public relations services, online press releases, and other promotional services to get your message out.

National Retailers and Global Business

On a larger scale, we offer management of pay per click advertising, enhanced business profile distribution and Internet search placement services that can get the message out to the masses whether they are in a specifically targeted region or across the globe.

Our services allow the consumers to not only find your business but to feel at ease doing business with you. Our approach is a full service offering allowing you to pick and choose the services that match your needs and budget, no matter how large your market share currently is or how large you want it to become.

Give us a call today for an evaluation of your web site marketing and search engine optimization needs and let us provide you with a custom solution that will drive targeted traffic to your door and increase your market share and brand recognition. We can help you meet your goals in long term growth and market penetration without spending a fortune on the process.

WEB Marketing Management PLUS™

We Know What Works!

Strategic Ad Placement: With all the advertising options on the web, and with so many claiming to be the ultimate advertising medium, you need someone to help you find what’s right for you. We constantly seek out advertising that works (banner ads, newsletter ads, print magazine, email ads, video etc) and make them available to you at a low cost.

Our Guarantee:

If you don’t see a dramatic difference in your site marketing and ranking as described above (you can verify with your own web stats or via a 3rd party statistics provider of your choice) simply drop us a note within 30 days of your billing cycle and I’ll cancel all recurring billing and issue a pro-rated refund of that month’s fees minus a $100 labor charge. It’s good to know that you have a real guarantee.

Packages are all inclusive (with the exception of any 3rd party ad opportunities that may arise).

There’s a better way to tell the world about your business!

Prices start at $995/Month for a standard plan with 6 month contracts.