Grassroots PR

Customized Grassroots Publicity Campaigns

You’re the marketing director for a national corporation with locations in several states, and it’s up to you to get the word out about an upcoming event or holiday sale. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars buying national advertising campaigns that promote the event with a generic message. You could spend weeks on the phone setting up local promotions in various regions that are targeted to the particular location, or you could rely on the local managers to create their own message and hope for the best.

Rather than spending huge sums of money on advertising, the event could be promoted as a news report by local media outlets. That would take a custom press release for each location tailored to radio, another one for television, and yet a third for the newspapers and local websites, and a list of all of the places where they may be willing to run the story.

Imagine having one contact that could put you in touch with local newspapers, television stations, and radio stations across the country, everywhere your company has a location. Now think of the power of being able to make one phone call to create a unique press release for each location that was custom targeted for the local audience. This is exactly what the grassroots publicity campaigns from Client by Design can do for you. Our expert marketing team can create custom press releases for each location and distribute them to the proper contacts, ensuring coverage everywhere there is a location to cover.

We specialize in being able to roll out custom media events for hundreds of locations at once with each event being completely unique and tailored to the local market. Our experience in marketing and our extensive media contact database allows us to create alerts to give the local press ready-made news to publish as well as photo opportunities, interview contacts, and much more, putting your message in front of the people who make the news.

Give us a call today to find out what Client by Design can do for your company, and how much money you can save on your next big event, worthy cause, or national holiday sale. Let us show you how much more effective it is to create a media news story than it is to simply advertise. People love good news but change the channel when a commercial comes on.