We Are Your Online and Offline Marketing Partner

We can help your business become recognized and respected in your local area or help you create a global presence on the Internet. Small to large business organizations throughout the Internet rely on Client by Design as a source of know-how related to tactical marketing. We help you accomplish your goals by harnessing existing marketing, conversion rate, design, public relations, media strategies and technologies. When required, we also invent new tools, technologies and methods to meet your needs. No matter the size of your organization (big or small) or where your customers/clients are located, we can provide solutions for you. Finally, you can afford your own: Consulting, Marketing, Internet Public Relations and Development team.

Web Marketing Management PLUS (Launch Assist)

1Our complete turnkey online marketing solution with over 10 years of proven results. We do the work for you: From planning and business development to product launch and ongoing online promotion. It’s like hiring full-time online marketing personnel at a fraction of the cost.

Web Design Services

2Full featured web design, programming and site creation services starting at $1295 built to generate leads, allow easy editing and give you a powerful web and social media presence.

Online Local Display Advertising

3Advertise and get your product or service featured on top internet authority, entertainment and news sites like Bloomberg, MSN, Martha Stewart, Men’s Fitness, Seventeen, Cartoon Network and more at very affordable prices.

Local Display Advertising From Client By Design

Local Display Advertising From Client By Design

Target your ad right down to zip code level and interests with intelligent banner advertising that self-optimizes for better ROI. Learn More About Local Display Advertising

Mobile Marketing

4With millions of smartphone users researching and shopping online and in their local areas, it is more important than ever to have a strong mobile marketing presence. From text and sms marketing to mobile apps iStock_000019842250XSmall(for Android, Kindle, iPad and iPhone devices), we’ve got you covered. Learn More About Our Mobile Marketing and APP Solutions

Ready to Get Started With Profit Building Online Marketing Solutions?

Using traditional Internet Web Site Marketing (search engine optimization, search engine marketing), Social Media and Guerrilla Marketing Tactics, we do the work, so you don’t have to. Get results with WEB Marketing Management PLUS or any of our other custom solutions.

Local Search Marketing

To learn more about our local search marketing services to drive business to your storefront(s) including search engine, enhanced business profiles, directory and Grassroots Public Relations please see: increase-local-traffic

And learn why we are considered Local Search Architects.

Mobile Marketing

These days the phrases SMS, Texting and Mobile Marketing are pretty much taking the world by storm. If you have a club, gym, fitness business, restaurant, or any coupon or promotion driven business then mobile marketing should be an important and NOT overlooked part of your advertising and customer building plans.

Introducing TextMotive

With our TextMotive system we provide some of the lowest cost Text Messaging service packages available starting at around $49/Month allowing you to reach out to customers and prospects with ease. We provide instant communication with instant impact. Just sending a single text message to a group of your opt-in subscribers can mean thousands in sales for any given day.

Contact Us to get started.

Local Display Advertising

Imagine If…

there were a way to reach local shoppers and prospects with your product or service right when they’re visiting targeted sites specifically related to your offering.

Now imagine if you could target buyers based on their likes and dislikes  and get their attention while their interest is peaked.

Local Display Advertising From Client By Design

Local Display Advertising From Client By Design

You could show targeted advertising to people who are looking to purchase or just purchased a car, or show targeted ads to someone who just purchased a home and are now looking to decorate or renovate their home.

You could target buyers in a specific zip code to announce your new restaurant grand opening right when they’re visiting the neighborhood or events section of their favorite news site.

Or promote your local sporting goods business to readers in your area while they’re visiting major sports news sites like ESPN.

YOU CAN DO THIS through our local display advertising and marketing program that builds your brand and influences customers.


Just think of us as digital local display ad media brokers with truly affordable prices.

We can place your local ads on major high traffic media sites like these (click the plus sign):

about.com accuweather.com adobe.com aetv.com altavista.com amazon.com amctv.com americangreetings.com ancestry.com answers.com aol.com ap.org apple.com appleinsider.com ask.com att.com barnesandnoble.com bbc.co.uk bestbuy.com bigthink.com bing.com biography.com bizrate.com bloomberg.com bookrags.com bravotv.com businessinsider.com businessweek.com cartoonnetwork.com cbs.com cbslocal.com cbsnews.com cbssports.com circuitcity.com classmates.com cnbc.com cnet.com cnn.com coupons.com csmonitor.com dictionary.com dilbert.com drudgereport.com dummies.com ebay.com eharmony.com eonline.com esquire.com excite.com facebook.com fandango.com geek.com glam.com go.com huffingtonpost.com hulu.com ign.com imdb.com legacy.com lifehacker.com linkedin.com livejournal.com livestrong.com local.com lycos.com macrumors.com mail.live.com marthastewart.com mashable.com match.com maxim.com mensfitness.com merriam-webster.com mlb.com msn.com msnbc.com mtv.com myspace.com nationalgeographic.com nba.com nfl.com nick.com politico.com rachaelraymag.com radio.com realclearpolitics.com reference.com rottentomatoes.com salary.com salon.com scribd.com seventeen.com shoplocal.com shopping.com slashdot.org slate.com sparknotes.com stumbleupon.com talkingpointsmemo.com technologyreview.com technorati.com theoatmeal.com thesaurus.com time.com topix.com travelocity.com tumblr.com tvguide.com twitter.com usnews.com vimeo.com weatherbug.com webmail.com wikia.com wikipedia.org woot.com wunderground.com yahoo.com youtube.com

Who can use local display advertising?

This ad delivery technology is used by small business advertisers, agencies and publishers giving them the ability to scale their display ad impressions and reach out to a mass or very localized audience. Local dentists, doctors, car dealers, restaurants, retail stores, service businesses, entertainment destinations, universities, city and county agencies, etc. are just some of the business/organizations that love display advertising.

How many businesses use this technology?

Over 10,000+ advertisers effectively run their ad campaigns on this very affordable and proven ad network.

What sort of ad campaigns is this for?

Organizations running micro-targeted ad campaigns with monthly budgets of $25K or less can best benefit from this system. Examples include: local business ad campaigns, re-targeted campaigns, limited or seasonal promotions, etc.

What does this cost?

We have packages starting at around $1200/Month for 100,000 ad impressions including ad design, campaign optimization and consulting.

Can you repeat that?

Sure… For often less than the cost of a single hit or miss print ad in your local weekly circular we can give you 100,000 or more ad views to drive traffic to your business. We also include free ad consultation, campaign management and design in all packages. Your ads will be shown on major high traffic sites when local readers (near your business) are browsing for shopping ideas, researching products and services they want and thinking about their favorite pastimes. Your ads will even remind prospects from time to time (re-targeting) of your brand to keep your brand on their minds.

Can you give me an example of how local online display ads can help a local business?

Ok. Let’s say that a car dealer wanted to move some end of year inventory. They would simply create a campaign through us and then target car buyers within certain demographic parameters (their likes, regional location, income, etc). We would then create their online ad (animated or static) and then deploy the campaign to drive customers to that car dealer.

Or maybe a pet shop, indoor or outdoor mall, doctor, dentist or restaurant wants to announce a grand opening or special event. They can use online ads to do this with ease, by putting their brand in the face of local buyers, shoppers, prospects and enthusiasts on the web 24/7 on both mobile and desktop devices.

A contracting and roofing company can launch a “winterize your home” campaign for homeowners to see right before or when temperatures start to drop.

These are just examples. We can help you put together the right campaign for your business.

How can I get started?

Just Contact us for more info.



Increase Local Traffic

Increase Local Traffic

Need to get more potential customers through the doors of your business? You may want to consider local search marketing, where the search engines help you target keyword searches that originate in your local area. At Client by Design, we specialize in helping to convert that initial search into a warm body in your store, and then into a loyal customer for years to come.

Our top to bottom approach handles all of the details of finding potential clients and then getting them in front of your sales team. We are experts at enticing foot traffic and working with a variety of media both online and off that will help to expand your sales and retain clients.

We offer a wide range of related services through our strategic channel partners that can help you with every step of your marketing, from creating a brand to promoting your website and converting leads into sales. We have years of experience helping businesses of all sizes improve their gross sales as well as their margins, and we can save you thousands of dollars over what traditional marketing firms would charge for similar services.

Give us a call today to learn how we can help you improve your bottom line while developing a loyal client base from your local market. We will show you cutting edge techniques to improve the direct action response to your marketing materials online and off. Once you see how easy it is to get results by using our proven methods, you will wonder why you ever waited so long to get started.

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Web Design

When people want to know more about a specific product or service that a company offers, they turn to the web to look up the details. They use the website as a virtual customer service representative, finding the answers to all of their questions, with one major difference. The website doesn’t require payroll, insurance, medical leave, and expensive office space to do its job.

Creating a winning web page design is one of our specialties at Client by Design. We can create cutting edge web pages that handle anything from ordering to training or even warranty replacements. Our experience lets us create web page solutions for your site that help your clients feel at home and keep them coming back.

By combining your brand and the unique needs of your clients, our experts can design web pages that handle a wide variety of online tasks while constantly promoting your business. With thousands of pages of experience, we can help you grow your customer base at the same time you service your existing clients. Give us a call right now to learn how we can help you solve problems and grow your business with our professional web page design services.


Local Search Marketing for Small Business (Westchester)

SEO Visibility, Promotion, Local Search Marketing For Your Programs, Products, Services with Launch Assist!

Here’s how to raise revenue and drive margins through the roof!

A web site is not enough. Local Westchester Consumers need to see your business or brand whenever they search for products or services they need. With the right combination of marketing services and practical know-how, you can let local, national or global consumers know who you are and what you offer.




Would you be willing to spend $249/month to get a return worth 10 to 100 times that much (each month) in additional registrations, product sales, appointments, etc to add to your bottom-line? It might not happen overnight but we’re willing to help you get started right away!

Our Promise: You will begin to see a dramatic difference in visibility in 30 Days or less!

For an investment of only $100 one-time setup and with services starting at $249/Month* as ongoing maintenance you can get a customized WEB Marketing Management PLUS Local SEO (search engine optimization) package now enhanced with Launch Assist that will market and promote your business on the internet.

We will help you:

  • Define your unique audience (buyers, members, potential students).
  • Locate people looking for your services (or better yet, help them locate you).
  • Target your marketing efforts for maximum impact and reduced spending.
  • Position yourself as a trusted product or service provider in your field (contractor services, car repair, retailer, specialty store, consulting services, martial arts, fitness training, medical practitioner, etc.) through potential media relations.
  • Launch a mobile marketing campaign to enhance your print and offline marketing/advertising.

By having a pin-point laser focus on the people who are looking for your products or services, you will get an increase in site traffic and lead opportunities that will increase sales and awareness of your internet site or business.

It takes more than just Search Engine Marketing and Optimization to move your business to the top!

Marketing your site on the web is much more than just cloning your site and submitting to a few or even thousands of search engines and directories and then hoping for the best. It’s a combination of search engine optimization, partnership building (fusion Marketing and strategic alliances), advertising, lead conversion and sometimes building awareness through offline marketing as well. You must establish a strong web presence and then go beyond.

All Inclusive at no extra cost:

When you become a client, we work on your behalf to provide:

A real Internet Road-Map document created by Richard Bailey and his Marketing advisors that will give you a step by step guide to Marketing your online business. AND…

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics: We will advise you on using unconventional proven-methods and tactics to help you generate sales and sign-ups.

Continual Competitive SEO Analysis: By knowing who your competition is and how they successfully market their site, you can avoid reinventing the wheel by duplicating their techniques to avoid making major and costly mistakes.

Advantage Keyword and trends Analysis: When you’re selling a product or service on the internet you need to know how people will find you. We will continually monitor your site, news, current events, marketing trends and the top internet search engines to determine the best keywords and phrases (what people are searching for) to get you the best search engine positions available.

Top listings on Search Engines that count: With all the competition, top search engine rankings alone can cost you over $700 to $1200/Month or more and in some cases you’ll never get a single site visit. We’ll get you listed on Google, BING, Yahoo! and more and the connected networks that these systems influence. Though your site will usually be listed in the top 10. We will work to get you as many top three to five listings as possible for important strategic keywords. This will increase your visits and help you generate revenue for your site, by using our professional search engine optimization services.

Optional National and Local Media and Public Relations*: Our clients have been featured on Radio, Television and Newspapers. This media exposure helps to get your message out and tells everyone that you’re business is real and ready to make an impact. Just tell us what you want to promote or we’ll work with you to develop a message then pinpoint the right media journalists to build relationships with.

Mobile Marketing: We now include the power of text message marketing to your marketing arsenal. Leads and prospects can opt-in to your contact list and special offers via text messaging. Place special instructions in your print ads and increase your response rates. For example: “Text ENROLL to 99999 to take a trial class!” or “Text Promo to 99999 to get special VIP offers”

We’ll get you listed and we’ll make sure you get targeted visits, but we won’t stop there…

You see, advertising and marketing is an exhausting numbers game that’s all about creating awareness; the more potential visitors that visit your site is the more potential sales or contacts you can make. That’s why we are offering you this tested revenue generating, time and cost saving package that also includes:

15 Complimentary Minutes of Phone Consultation per month: Speak to Internet Marketing Consultant and Author, Richard Bailey–live. No one else is doing this; Companies prefer to settle, instead, for email contact only. We love the fact that the internet makes things easier through automation, but we also believe in the human element. Ask your questions and get real answers.

We Know What Works!

Strategic Ad Placement: With all the advertising options on the web, and with so many claiming to be the ultimate advertising medium, you need someone to help you find what’s right for you. We constantly seek out advertising that works (banner ads, newsletter ads, print magazine, email ads, social networking sites, mobile marketing, etc) and make them available to you at zero to low cost. We give you a local  (hundreds to thousands of potential customers) or enormous national/global reach (thousands to millions) of potential customers with strategic ad placement in our COOP ad network. You will be able to advertise to mass internet audiences the way Fortune 500 companies do.

Contact us today with any questions and we’ll start you on your way

Or call 914-206-9625 to get started right-away!


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